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How CBD  Keeps You Climbing Without The High

How CBD Keeps You Climbing Without The High

Rock climbers find relief from pain and inflammation with CBD while staying focused and enjoying the most challenging routes. 

By: Chelsea Gray

It’s common for many of us to struggle with pain from a previous illness or injury that can often get in the way of fun outdoor activities. If you struggle with chronic pain or discomfort, it can feel like exciting outdoor activities like rock climbing may be out of the picture for you. An outing like that can be a lot of work to prepare for -- and not the mention the pain and soreness that can happen to your body after climbing. It might feel like it’s not worth it to put your body through that but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it -- and it doesn’t have to. Pain medications can often be too invasive for something like chronic pain or inflammation and can interfere with your ability to hike or rock climb. On the other hand,  Hemp-Ness CBD has some fantastic products which are a great, all natural resource to include in your life if you’re someone who struggles with any sort of pain or inflammation, but who still wants to be able to enjoy outdoor activities like rock climbing. Not to mention it’s easy to use and the negative side effects are few and far between.  

CBD aids in decreasing inflammation and pain within the body, whether the pain lies in the bones or muscles. Many people have been successful in supplementing pain treatment with CBD and hemp products. Our Hemp-Ness products are simple and do not have mind-altering effects -- they’re  a perfect addition to any other pain maintenance you use already so that you can continue to enjoy high impact activities like rock climbing. CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties like THC does, so it’s safe to use before, during and after outdoor rock climbing. Below is our suggestion on how to use safely if you’re planning a rock climbing trip soon and you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD on your body. 

Before: For most of us with pain, inflammation, or any sort of discomfort from a previous injury or illness, the preparation for any rock climbing outing might be anxiety-inducing on it’s own. The good news is our CBD products not only assist with decreasing inflammation and/or in the body, but they’re also a fantastic product to help with anxiety. CBD is known for its relaxing capabilities. Whether you have anxiety about climbing due to pain from an injury, or if you have generalized anxiety or anxiety about the climb itself, taking our CBD products prior to the climb will help reduce that anxiety. Any of our products -- gummies, capsules or drops -- will be great to take before a rock climb on a beautiful day. Our products are easy to use and won’t affect your climbing ability. 

During: Another option for using Hemp-Ness CBD products while rock climbing is to take it during the climb. Our CBD gummy products are perfect for this -- you can keep a couple handy with your snacks and as soon as you start to feel like the discomfort or pain is getting to be too much for the climb, you can chew on one of our gummies to help reduce the pain and allow you to enjoy the rest of your climb. Our gummies are delicious and tangy and aid in reducing fatigue, anxiety and mild pain. They’re small enough and easy to bring along with on the trip -- nothing too bulky to weigh you down. A great resource to take during your climb! 

After: Our CBD products are also great to help with anyone, not just those dealing with pain or inflammation, to relieve sore muscles after a strenuous rock climb. CBD can help you relax after a big rock climbing trip. If you want to avoid an entire evening of feeling completely wiped out, with muscle aches, try taking one of our CBD capsules before bed. Added bonus: CBD also helps you sleep

Whether you decide to use a Hempness product before, during or after you rock climb, it’s safe to say that any of our products will make a great addition if you’re an avid or novice rock climber. CBD and hemp products from Hemp-Ness are a perfect companion to bring along on your rock climbing journeys!