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How Long Does it Take For CBD Oil to Work?

How Long Does it Take For CBD Oil to Work?

CBD is a safe and non-psychoactive cannabis extract. It is why you get to read a lot about products derived from it. You don’t hear people openly advertising the use of THC since it is regulated.

But with CBD, you are confident of using an extensive array of products, including oil, vape, edibles, drops, capsules, and even coffee. Of all those modes of deliveries, CBD oil is the one you must try to work with as a beginner. 

As someone who is about to try CBD for the first time,  the first question you will probably ask is how long does it take for CBD oil to work? 

Even though we wish there was more clinical or medical research detailing the effect and time for CBD oil to work, the reality is that there is no way of providing an exact figure or time.

The reason is that each person has a different way of responding to it. If you are hoping for immediate results, then your preferred mode of delivery should be vaping. You cannot expect a quick response if you choose edibles like gummies or candy, more so with creams and capsules. 

But almost every self-professed expert out there agrees that there are cumulative health benefits of ingesting CBD oil for an extended period. It’s only a matter of time before science eventually recognizes the effectiveness of CBD in treating a handful of health issues, the most notable of which are chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and insomnia. 

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

CBD is a revolutionary product of nature. It naturally exhibits several therapeutic and healing effects on a multitude of receptors in the human body, including that of dopamine and serotonin receptors, CBD 1 and 2 receptors, and TRPV receptors. 

What makes CBD even more special is that it is mild. You also read blog posts talking about the only side effect of an overdose is drowsiness. Of course, you’ve got to be insane if you try ingesting more CBD oil than you’re supposed to.

Unlike the infamous THC cannabis extract, CBD does not make you high, no matter how much you take of it. It works by gradually affecting numerous physiological processes with lightweight deftness.

Immediate Results versus Long Term Effects

The natural ability to boost levels of certain compounds in the body is the reason why CBD oil seems to have a handful of benefits. Raising those compounds may also be the reason why there are immediate benefits and long-term effects that increase after a certain period. 

The question of whether you are getting immediate results or long-term effects depends on factors like your body’s response, the severity of your health condition, and the type of CBD product you’re taking. But there is little argument about the effectiveness of this cannabis extract.

Many people attest based on personal experience that they started feeling the effects of CBD after about five to ten days of regular dosing. The frequency of use is usually characterized by one dose in the morning and another one before going to bed. 

If you stop taking CBD oil after using it for about two weeks, it may take another week or two for the beneficial effects to disappear. 

Reasons Why CBD May Not Be Working for You

The truth is there is no reason for you to believe that CBD won’t work for you. Just don't try it for a couple of weeks and then give up because you do not see results. Yes, there are reasons why you feel like it is not working, but it is not because CBD is ineffective.

One reason why it’s not working is that you’re using a tainted product. Because CBD oil is growing in popularity, you can buy products claiming to contain it online. The problem is that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the production of CBD, which means you may be using a fake or low-quality variety. It may not even contain CBD at all.

Meanwhile, consider the possibility that you need to build it up in your system first. Finding the ideal dosage is no cakewalk. There is no such thing as a fixed amount or dosage for everyone. Your unique biology means you have a different reaction compared to another person who’s taking the same dose of CBD oil.

A Sensible Approach to CBD Dosing

The most sensible approach begins with a low dose, about 20 to 40 milligrams daily. You then increase your dosage over time until you’ve figured it out on your own. The key to successfully obtain the benefits of CBD oil in the soonest time possible is patience. Without it, you won’t appreciate what it can do for you in the long run.

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