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how long do the effects of CBD last

How Long Do the Effects of CBD Last?

You’ve been taking CBD supplements for several days now, but you don’t feel anything. It’s why you’re here searching for an answer. In taking CBD for pain alleviation or relief for anxiety, you want to know how long the effects last, but before you get to that, you first must ask when are you going to feel the effects? 

The truth is that each person has a different way of responding to CBD, which is why there is no specific time frame in feeling the effects. At least you understand that something happens eventually. Be reminded though that CBD can only be effective with consistent use, so don’t think for a second that munching on CBD gummies for a couple of days cures your suffering. 

Can CBD Make You High?

Those who aren’t familiar with CBD veer away from it, thinking that it could get them high. But that’s a misconception. The one with a psychoactive effect is THC, which is another form of cannabinoid. CBD is safe, and hundreds of research papers can vouch for that claim. In other words, CBD does not make you high, no matter how much you take.

How Long Before You Start Feeling the Effects of CBD

The effects of CBD supplements depend on factors like your body’s response and the type of supplement you’re using. You expect both CBD gummies and oil to have immediate results, but the word “immediate” is still relative. It could be 20 minutes for some and an hour for others. But the bottom line is if you’re using it to relieve pain or sleep better at night, then you should exercise patience. It’s not that it’ll take a day or two to take effect. 

What if you’ve been taking CBD for a considerable period, but you’re not getting the results you want? Well, it could be because you’re not taking the right dose. When it comes to dosing, it is recommended that you go slow. About 5mg of the CBD supplement per day will do. You can start working your way up every week.  

You can experiment with the dosage levels but do it responsibly. Don’t easily give up just because you haven’t felt anything for the first few days of taking a low dose. Avoid sudden increases in dosage, do it incrementally. 

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The effects can last for at least four hours. Some people feel it for as long as seven hours, but it depends on the dose. The stronger the dose, the longer the effect. It is common practice to take a dose in the morning and evening, especially if you’re dealing with chronic pain or anxiety. 

The manner of administering CBD also contributes to the duration of the effects. Using CBD edibles like that of capsules and gummies means you must expect a longer time to take effect. The good news is the effect will also last longer than other ways of ingesting CBD.

Meanwhile, administering CBD through droppers, smoking, or vaping can have quicker effects, but there is no exact science in determining how long the effects can last. 

It’s clear at this point that CBD has a positive effect on you, but progress depends on factors like dosage, consistency, type of supplement used, and individual responses. If you’re into getting quicker results, smoking or vaping makes sense. If you prefer a convenient way of taking your CBD, capsules and gummies are better options.

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